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Elegant & effective design & promotional services.


Web Design & Site Maintenance

Over 16 years designing & building websites. We can build you sites in HTML5/CSS3, Wordpress (WP), Joomla!, Jquery, Javascript, Bootstrap, Ajax, et cetera. That means that you & I can create whatever you want to represent your endeavor & turn it into a profit and/or greater exposure.

Graphic Design

Creating the design to represent the identity of your project, an event, or anything special MUST be done as though to place in a gallery. "Fine Art Graphic Design" has always been how I describe what I offer in this field.

Promotion & Business Branding

How do you make sure that when your logo, product, or website is seen that it is known -with certainty- that it is your business? Give your business a soul & an unmistakable identity!

Logo Design

Be known, be identifiable, be distinctive! Let's make your business get noticed, and create a unique thumbprint upon the business scene that creates success ($).

Tattoo Design

Do not dare to be cliche. Do not permanently ink yourself in a way that does not make you completely unique. Let's make your skin a piece of art.


The reason you have a website is to make a living, be prosperous. That is what SEO (search engine optimization) & SMM (social media marketing) is for. Do you want to make a living? Make sure your site draws visitors and then connect with you as clients. It is really that simple.






Since I was a child I have been designing & creating art. 1988 was when I went to college for the first time to study art history, studio drawing & painting, film & pre-reqs. In the mid-90's I got into web development & design. Since then I have studied multi-media, web-development & taken online courses for various software languages. Since then I have designed, developed & modified hundreds of sites. I work in HTML5/CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, Joomla!, Wordpress (WP) & other html & cms languages. I am currently working on Angular JS, Ajax, PHP, et cetera.

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Most of my life has been spent in Northern New Mexico, primarily Taos & Santa Fe. I was born in Mill Valley, California & moved to Bolinas as an infant til the age of nine. All of these places are extremely diverse communities, I was exposed to all walks of life. These are also art communities as well. My Mother ran/owned galleries in New Mexico, I was surrounded by world-class artists & their art. This exposure leads me here, I am a designer. Good fortune has made me a Father, I have two sons & a step-son, they are what makes my world go 'round! I am a year-round cyclist, I bike every day of the year, volunteer at bike co-ops to teach, & have been involved in the Santa Fe Master Bicycle Plan as a "CAG" (Citizens Advisory Group) member. Gardening, Archery, Fishing, Camping are other hobbies.