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Africa’s history is longer than anywhere else on Earth for obvious reasons. Modern humans evolved here and later populated the world. This is a (deliberately) brief summation of pre-history to historic Egypt. *More extensive write-ups will start appearing in the culture/empires below very soon.
6000 BCE to 8000 BCE the pottery, agriculture & animal domestication appeared in the Middle-East spreading into Africa. This period included the first organized settlements along the Nile including the cultivation of barley & emmer (early grass-family wheat precursors). Larger villages & irrigation appeared along the Nile around this time. What is termed the Amratian culture emerged in this period. In SW Africa, cattle domestication and larger buildings emerged.
The next culture to appear was the Tasian culture, in Upper Egypt starting around 4500 BC. The Tasian culture is distinguished by unique pottery & burial practices.
Around 5000 BCE the Sahara started drying out, turning into the massive desert that it is to this day.
3500 BCE Narmer united Upper & Lower Egypt, both of which evolved from villages learning how to cultivate land with the life-giving Nile eight or ten thousand years ago.
SOURCE #1: https://www.sahistory.org.za/article/africa-timeline
SOURCE #2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_ancient_Egypt#Prehistoric_Egypt

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anachronous history forums AFRICA A BRIEF EARLY HISTORY OF AFRICA

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