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The Democratic Greek Civilisation :
Greece, called Achaea in very ancient times, was always a story of city-states dotted about the mainland and the various islands across the Aegean Sea. The first phrase of Greek civilisation is called 'The Minoan Period', after Minos, the mythical king of the Island of Crete, who lived at Knossos.
The Minoan civilisation started around 3,000BCE and lasted until 1,400BCE, when a natural disaster seriously damaged the port and settlement. Meanwhile Greece itself, had constructed famous strongholds of Mycenae & Tiryns.
On the North-West coast of modern day Turkey where Ilium or Troy had been constructed, somewhere around this time-line the Minoan civilization had totally collapsed, the famous and well recorded Trojan War was taking place, but no-one really knows how much the Trojan War was a myth or reality.
All Greek historians really know is Homer's poems of 800BCE, 'The Iliad' & 'The Odyssey', had already been composed. They set the pace of Greek literature, while the uniqueness of Greek art was being developed at this time also.
During this time period , the Greek city-states of Athens & Sparta were being developed into stronghold fortresses. By the fifth century BCE, Athens had reached its climax with the development of a sophisticated democracy and a fresh political theory in the Age of Pericles.
Greek colonies were now dotted around the Mediterranean, including Southern Italy & the Island of Sicily, but the Greek city-states were forever in-fighting, Athens & Sparta brought each other to a virtual ruin in The Peloponnesian War.
Thus a weakened Greece was easy prey, first for Philip II, of Macedonia, 357-338BCE, and then for the Romans in 146BCE. But Greek art, culture, literature and sport remained immensely popular in the days of the Roman Empire. Today the Greeks are still heralded as the fathers of modern democracy and civilisation.
Reference used : Athildas Coel & Guy de la Bedoyere.
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