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      • Red Boar Tavern (1, 12)

        Mead! Ale! Fighting! Flirting! All this as well as weapon throwing, poetry, the odd Vandal invasion and fresh bread straight from Amalasuntha's kitchen. Is this Valhalla on earth? No, it's the Red Boar Tavern!
        The door opens and you come in out of the cold north wind and driving snow. Inside it's warm and snug, with the great fire of pine logs roaring in the central hearth, thick fur rugs on the floor and rich hangings on the walls. But most of all you notice the flurry of activity - people crowd the benches and seats, trays of mugs are carried past, great aurochs horns of mead and ale are passed from hand to hand, someone is singing, somone is playing a harp and shouts and laughter are heard all around you.
        "Come in stranger!" someone shouts. It's time for you to join us IN THE BAR.
        This is an open roleplay thread, so everyone can write.

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