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You will not be able to wrap your brain around this. Stay tuned!
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    • Balagardssida
      Finland is not a Scandinavian country however the linguistic origin of Balagardssida is. Clue: Aland islands
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      • The North Star Inn & Bar (Pohjantahti Majatalo) Tervetuloa (1, 9)


        POH'S FAMOUS SAHTI ALE! Sahti beer at the Tavern! photo PohsSahti.jpg


        Sour Cream Meat & Vegetable Pie!! pic source

        Traditional Finnish Rye Bread pic source

        This is the only place you can find Sahti ale. This Sahti is made by the Proprietor Poh (Pohjantahti) & is very special! Stay tuned, much more to come!

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      • Turgu (Turku/Abo) (1, 0)
        Partially because of the Swedish incursion across the Aland islands this is an ethnically & culturally complex & very old city. Turku was founded in 13th century. It is the oldest city in Finland and capital of the historical Finland Proper. The name originates from East Slavic word "tǔrgǔ", which means a "market place". Main medieval buildings include the Cathedral of Turku (1300), Dominican monastery (1249) and the Castle (main image), which dates back to 1280s. In the 16th century Duke Johan and Katarina Jagellonica ruled from there and got its famous Renaissance Floor built. The first school in Finland was the Cathedral School operated from the Cathedral of Turku. In the Middle Ages the city was also the spiritual center of Finland, with the Archbishop of Turku residing there.
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      Eyvisl Yngling

    • Kyöpelinvuori
      Kyöpelinvuori is a mountain where virgins who have died gather to haunt and "live" as mountain witches who fly on brooms with black cats. The witches leave the area during Easter in order to spook children. Traditionally Finnish girls dress up as witches and go from door to door, giving pussy willow branches to people in exchange of candy eggs.
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