Scholars still argue whether Somalia or Eritrea are the location of Punt, likely areas of both as it seems currently by what has been revealed in research. It is known that the Egyptians were trading with Punt as early as the 4th or 5th Dynasties (of unified Egypt), possibly as early as 2600 BCE - 2400 BCE, if not earlier.
The earliest known references to the land of Punt was by the ancient Egyptians, describing it as Te Netjer ("The Land of The Gods") also known as "Land of Plenty" (I do not know what that is in ancient Egyptian). Among other things, Punt was known for spices and herbs, “terraces of Myrrh”, for example. Punt was recorded as trading in aromatic gum, gold, ebony, ivory, leopard skins, live apes, ebony, wild animals, animal skins, elephant tusks, ivory, spices, precious woods, cosmetics, incense and frankincense and myrrh trees.
The most famous mention of Punt in early history was the expedition in 1493 BCE by Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt having been told by the God Amun-Ra to find the route to Punt which had been lost. She is said to have return with live trees, the first mention in history (that I know of) of transporting foreign trees (flora in general).

Image source (as w/ all other images on this site except for various personal imagery) are from wikicommons/wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_of_Punt#/media/File:King_and_Queen_of_Punts_and_Attendants.png
Please read the Ancient History Encyclopedia article about Punt!
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