NÓREGR – The Wayward Blood of Kings

Welcome to a tale of high-seas Viking adventure, before the word "viking" was known to the world! This is the story of the founding of Nóregr (Norway) and those people who lived and died in those times. This is a tale of the earliest kings in ancient Finland, Norway, and Sweden with a mysterious connection that none of the three kingdoms will -to this day- readily admit. Our story setting begins in -or near- the year of 375CE. Our novel started with the adventures of Norr, Gorr, and Goi who are the three children of King Thorri Snaersson of Kvenland (=NW Finland). Three winters ago at the Midwinter Celebration, Goi disappeared. Winter Solstice (21st of Dec, 190 C.E.) marks the 3rd year of Goi's disappearance. This will be when Norr and Gorr split company -each with a large company of soldiers, craftsfolk, and families in tow- to find their missing sister at their father's insistence. Norr's people will set north by land on skiis and sleds. Meanwhile, Gorr and a large part of the royal shipyard -with another large entourage- sail to the north and west. Nearing the 13th or 14th year of our epic tale (on various sites) our tale takes yet another turn. King Thorri has lost his newest acquisition: the city of Turgu. The Karelians have re-taken the city and are pushing king Thorri northward to his homelands. He and all who survive now retreat to some place where a good defense can be made. King Thorri's armies and navy are lead by his two sons Norr & Gorr along with most of our protagonists. *Note: This novel is an elaboration upon known historic events and will stick to all details that are not conflicted by established sources. This is our dramatization of the lives of people near these historic events. Please see our links thread for sourcing info.
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