The Kash Bowl

A place for weary warriors, artisans and others to refresh themselves. In back of the main room is a courtyard with a fountain, trees for shade. Cool off in the new public baths! Come enjoy yourselves and relax. All are welcome.
Welcome to the Kash Bowl ~the "finest" drinking establishment in Mesopotamia~

(Image provided by the kind offices of Jojo Neb and Leah E.)
The KB Kode of Konduct
1. If you break it, you pay for it.
2. Wanna brawl? Take it outside.
3. Bar tabs are due in full at the end of the month. {that means you, too, Apil!}
4. All patrons (human or otherwise) must be de-loused before entering.
5. Play nice. Play hard. Play!!
6. Breaking the rules has consequences (camel stall mucking, being jojo's servant for a week, doing manicures for everyone, and such-like).
7. Play! {Did I say that already? *hic*}

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