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Mangas Cochise
Forum Editor

Actually,  I shouldn’t be here right now, but hey.

I’ll be able to access much of my old Americas research once I get back to my old computer later this week (long story).  But, ahem, the Wayback Machine is wonderful in the interim, even if most of the graphics will have to wait until I can get to those those guys didn’t save.

There were some things about the old format that weren’t ideal, and since we have at least one less level of topics or whatever name to drill down to, as opposed to AW (that was an aspect I did like) I am working on the best layout before putting up cities in the forum spots (or in topics below).

This week I could post two forums under North America, two under Meso, and one under South.  I think more fora will be overkill this early in the game.  The tavern will be under a Meso forum.  Eh, centrally located!


EDIT…Three topics under North America.  ATM.


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