Reply To: Site Devel & Bug Reports

Mogh Roith
Forum Editor

List of current bugs that I can think of at the moment:

1. Personal messages (for me) have the text as the same color as the background! Grr. I am experienced at this but I’m momentarily stumped because my CSS is incomplete currently.

2. Daily activity doesn’t have a breadcrumb to lead back to the response/post/replies. That one is driving me nuts. I’m working on it while juggling a few other things. I am switching WP themes & plug-ins to get this site just right & it’s a challenge despite my experience (specifically) in this type architecture (CMS/WP). The hitch is this, an online forum-based-community in a CMS site is a lot of bug-hunting. Be patient my (new & old) friends. We have killed hundreds of site-bugs so far, more to do. See you on the boards!

3. IP address display is an issue for me. When I am logged in as Eyvisl (also me) I am asked to build the “infrastructure” of entire empires for members. Then -since they take over- I attribute the forum/topic/whatever to that person who requested such or took it over. The problem is that the IP address doesn’t change (as associated to the user # that we all have attached to our IP addresses). I’m literally logged into the server-side PHP databases to attempt to either conceal or re-attribute the forums to new authors & it is not happening. 😐

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