Reply To: Site Devel & Bug Reports

Eyvisl Yngling
Forum Editor

*REPOST (to correct Topic)
1. Added Discussion Threads to all 51 forums (nearly all forums are locations around the ancient world);

2. Started adding regions & cities. PLEASE tell us what is missing… or just add it! ;

3. Have been battling Russian bot attacks & hacking (not joking),

4. Added more functionality for users & extra features in all areas;

5. Continuously working on style-coding & external media embeds that wont drain our monthly allotments for data usage. **Of note: There are 2 Taverns here. Task: Your task is to go find them! HINT: We still need a tavern in Asia, the Americas & the Mediterranean. If those of you who can do it have an idea, go for it. *There is a LOT more happening. Stay tuned!

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