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Eyvisl Yngling
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It was perfection.

The 狼獾 LÁNG HUĀN having a shallow draft slid between two docks onto the beach. What I saw was far beyond what I expected or even imagined. It looked like around 200 armed horsemen plus 3 large carriages in their midst. There were large logs being carried towards us dragged by mules along a narrow track that wound along the front wall of the city from the south a bit. Soon after, 30 or so men on foot approached and Ziyi directed them to remove 6 large rectangular objects wrapped in variously colored fabrics and bound tightly in rope. It took 6 men each to carry them to the 3 big carriages. The rest of the men were in heavier armor and carried themselves like mercenaries. My guess was that those were chests with valuables (gold?). The carriages started west ahead of us -on what I was just informed was the Wadi Hammamat trade route- with the cargo. Just then, around the corner of the front wall a wooden structure that looked like a movable dry-dock for a ship appeared. This thing looked like the skeleton of a ship with a wide flat-bottom hull with an oddly shaped log-frame structure sprouting from it. Was Ziyi actually going to drag this thing up through this meandering road through hill country dragged by 20-25 mules for what would probably be several days along a what appeared to be a very crowded trade route? The question on my mind was where to and why away from the water?

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