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LEUCUS LIMEN, heading West along The Wadi Hammamat

Slowly the bountiful fields with rich dark soil began to give way to more and more buildings. We finally made it to Gebtu! I’ve been here a number of times, this city is an adventure. Ziyi took us & the ship on a wide dirt track that led us through the city towards the mother of all rivers, my beloved Nile. Ah! The smells, the sights, my anticipation built to nearly a frenzy. I hoped that we were to tarry here for a bit before heading north to The Delta. It took us until mid-morning the following day to make our way through the city to the riverfront. This time of year there was a massive amount of activity at the waterfront. It took us until mid-afternoon -after reaching the waterfront- to be able to get in the water. The men with the “sled” & donkeys headed back through Gebtu. Ziyi told us we enjoy the city for a couple of days making sure to warn us that the the third day at sunrise to be on the ship or we’d be left behind. I was convinced that she was serious about that. Hello ancient Gebtu, how I missed you!