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    Military Fortresses :

    During the 11th Dynasty under Pharaoh Mentuhotep I, 2125-2055BCE, with the unification of Egypt, the Pharaoh appealed to the governors to raise a unified Egyptian army to defend their country against neighbourhood invasions.

    However, by the end of the reign of Senwosret III, in the 12th Dynasty, the Pharaoh had gained enough control over the united Egypt to raise a formidable fighting force without the aid of the regional governors.

    The Middle Kingdom Pharaohs, rather than defending their lands were more interested in expansion, pushing further Egyptian claims into the lands of Nubia, once secured the armies began to construct fortresses.

    Amenemhat I of the 12th Dynasty constructed a row of well made fortresses in the North East Delta to protect the Egyptian borders against attacks from the Asiatic armies.

    Between the reigns of Senwosret – to Senwosret III, 17 fortresses were constructed in Nubia, ten near the second rapids of the River Nile.

    Reference used : Svetlana Berezina.

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    List of Rulers of Ancient Egypt & Nubia :

    Some of the dates below might be a little confusing through High Priests, and Pharaohs of Upper & Lower Egypt ruling at the same time, the King-List taken from the Palermo Stone, which covers the period from the earliest recorded dynasties to the middle of Dynasty 5.

    The Abydos King-List, which Seti I had carved in the Temple at Abydos, and the Turin Canon, a papyrus that covers the period from the earliest dynasties to the reign of Ramesses II.

    All are incomplete, unfortunately, and at the best of time rather fragmented. Egyptologists, rely on The History of Egypt, composed by Manetho in the Third Century BCE, a priest at the Temple of Heliopolis, Manetho had access to many original parchments, and it was he who divided the Kings into the recognisable 30 dynasties, we use today.

    It is to this structure of 30 dynasties and listed Kings that we now attempt to link an absolute chronology of ancient dates in terms of our own calendrical system.

    The process is made difficult by the fragmentary conditions of the King-List and by differences in the calendrical years used by different Pharaohs at various time in Egypt’s history.

    Some astronomical observations from the ancient Egyptians have survived, allowing us to calculate absolute dates within a margin of error. Synchronisms with the other civilisations of the ancient world also were of limited use to researches.

    Reference used : Nikita Mashkin.

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    Unfortunately The Metropolitan Museum does not recognise Dynastic records of Dynasties 1 & 2  as either historical or factual :

    Dynasty 3 :

    Zanakht 2649-2630BCE.

    Djoser 2630-2611BCE.

    Sekhemkhet 2611-2605BCE.

    Khaba 2605-2599BCE.

    Huni 2599-2575BCE.

    Dynasty 4 :

    Snefru 2575-2551BCE.

    Khufu 2551-2528BCE.

    Djedefre 2528-2520BCE.

    Khafre 2520-2494BCE.

    Nebka II 2494-2490BCE.

    Menkaure 2490-2472BCE.

    Shepseskaf 2472-2467BCE.

    Thamphthis 2467-2465BCE.



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    Dynasty 5 :

    Userkaf 2465-2458BCE.

    Sahure 2458-2446BCE.

    Neferirkare 2446-2438BCE.

    Shepseskare 2438-2431BCE.

    Neferefre 2431-2420BCE.

    Niuserre 2420-2389BCE.

    Menkauhor 2389-2381BCE.

    Isesi 2381-2353BCE.

    Unis 2353-2323BC

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    The First Intermediate Period (With Unknown Pharaohs & High Priests)

    Dynasties  6-7-8-9-10 :

    Dynasty 11 :

    Mentuhotep I 2124-2120BCE.

    Intef I 2120-2108BCE.

    Intef II 2108-2059BCE.

    Intef III 2059-2051BCE.

    Mentuhotep II 2051-2030BCE.

    The Middle Kingdom of The Dynasty 11 :

    Mentuhotep II Continued his reign. 2030-2000BCE.

    Mentuhotep III 2000-1988BCE.

    Qakare Intef 1985BCE.

    Sekhentibre  1985BCE.

    Menekhare 1985BCE.

    Mentuhotep IV 1988-1981BCE.

    Dynasty 12 :

    Amenemhat I 1981-1952BCE.

    Senwosret I 1961-1917BCE.

    Amenemhat II 1919-1885BCE.

    Senwosret II 1887-1878BCE.

    Senwosret III 1878-1840BCE.

    Amenemhat III 1859-1813BCE.

    Amenemhat IV 1814-1805BCE.

    Nefrusobek 1805-1802BCE.

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    The Second Intermediate Dynasties of 13-14-15-16 (With Unknown Pharaohs)

    Dynasty 17 :

    Tao I 1560BCE.

    Tao II 1560BCE.

    Kamose 1552-1550BCE.

    The New Kingdom of Dynasty 18 :

    Ahmose 1550-1525BCE.

    Amenhotep 1525-1504BCE.

    Thutmoses I 1504-1492BCE.

    Thutmoses II 1492-1479BCE.

    Thutmoses III 1479-1425BCE.

    Hatshepsut 1479-1473BCE.

    Hatshepsut II 1473-1458BCE.

    Amenhotep II 1427-1400BCE.

    Thutmoses IV 1400-1390BCE.

    Amenhotep III 1390-1352BCE.

    Amenhotep IV 1352-1349BCE.

    Akhenaten 1349-1336BCE.

    Nefernefuaton 1338-1336BCE.

    Smenhkare 1336BCE.

    Tutankhamun 1336-1327BCE.

    Aya 1327-1323BCE.

    Haremhab 1323-1295BCE.

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    Dynasty 19 :

    Ramesses I 1295-1294BCE.

    Seti I 1924-1279BCE.

    Ramesses II 1279-1213BCE.

    Merneptah 1213-1203BCE.

    Amenmesse 1203-1200BCE.

    Seti II 1200-1194BCE.

    Siptah 1194-1188BCE.

    Tawosret 1188-1186BCE.

    Dynasty 20 :

    Sethnakht 1186-1184BCE.

    Ramesses III 1184-1153BCE.

    Ramesses IV 1153-1147BCE.

    Ramesses V 1147-1143BCE.

    Ramesses VI 1143-1136BCE.

    Ramesses VII 1136-1129BCE.

    Ramesses VIII 1129-1126BCE.

    Ramesses IX 1126-1108BCE.

    Ramesses X 1108-1099BCE.

    Ramesses XI 1099-1070BCE.

    High Priest Herihor 1080-1074BCE.

    High Priest Paiankh 1074-1070bce.

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    Dynasty 21.

    Smendes 1070-1044BCE.

    Painedjem I 1070-1032BCE.

    Masaharta 1054-1046BCE.

    Djedkhonefankh 1046-1045BCE.

    Menkheperre 1045-992BCE.

    Amenemnisu 1044-1040BCE.

    Psusennes I 1040-992BCE.

    Amenemope 993-984BCE.

    Smendes II 992-990BCE.

    Painedjem II 990-969BCE.

    Osochor 984-978BCE.

    Siamun 978-959BCE.

    High Priest Psusennes 969-959BCE.

    Psusennes II 959-945BCE.

    The Libyan Dynasty 22 :

    Sheshonq I 945-924BCE.

    Osorkon I 924-889BCE.

    Sheshonq II 890BCE.

    Takelot I 889-874BCE.

    Osorkon II 874-850BCE.

    Harsiese 865BCE.

    Talelot II 850-825BCE.

    Sheshonq III 825-773BCE.

    Pami 773-767BCE.

    Sheshonq V 767-730BCE.

    Osorkon IV 730-712BCE.


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    Dynasty 23 :

    Pedubaste I 818-793BCE.

    Iuput I 800BCE.

    Sheshonq IV 793-787BCE.

    Osorkon III 787-759BCE.

    Takelot III 764-757BCE.

    Rudamun 757-754BCE.

    Iuput II 754-712BCE.

    Peftjaubast 740-725BCE.

    Namlot 740BCE.

    Thutemhat 720BCE.

    Dynasty 24 :

    Tefnakht 724-717BCE.

    Bakenrenef 717-712BCE.

    The Nubian Dynasty 25 :

    Piye 734-712BCE.

    Shabaqo 712-698BCE.

    Shebitqo 698-690BCE.

    Taharqo 690-664BCE.

    Tanutamani 664-653BCE.




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    Dynasty 26 (Saite)

    Nikauba 688-672BCE.

    Necho I 672-664BCE.

    Psamtik I 664-610BCE.

    Necho II 610-595BCE.

    Psamtik II 595-589BCE.

    Apries 589-570BCE.

    Amasis 570-526BCE.

    Psamtik III 526-525BCE.

    The Persian Dynasty 27 :

    Cambyses 525-522BCE.

    Darius I 521-486BCE.

    Xerxes I 486-466BCE.

    Artaxerxes I 465-424BCE.

    Darius II 424-404BCE.




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    Dynasty 29 :

    Nepherites I 399-393BCE.

    Psammuthis 393BCE.

    Achoris 393-380BCE.

    Nepherites II 380BCE.

    Dynasty 30 :

    Nectanebo I 380-362BCE.

    Teos 365-360BCE.

    Nectanebo II 360-343BCE.

    Persia 343-332BCE.

    Kabebesh 343-332BCE.

    Artaxerxes Ochus III 343-338BCE.

    Arses 338-336BCE.

    Darius Codoman 335-332BCE.

    Dynasty 28 :

    Pedubaste III 522-520BCE.

    Psamtik IV 470BCE.

    Inaros 460BCE.

    Amyrtaios I 460BCE.

    Thannyros 445BCE.

    Pausiris 445BCE.

    Psamtik V 445BCE.

    Psamtik VI 400BCE.

    Amytaios II 404-399BCE.


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    The Macedonian Period :

    Alexander The Great 332-323BCE.

    Philip Arrhidaeus 323- 316BCE.

    Alexander IV 316-304BCE.

    The Ptolemaic Period :

    Ptolemy Soter I 304-284BCE.

    Queen Berenice I 285BCE.

    Ptolemy Philadelphos II 285-246BCE.

    Queen Arsinoe II 278-270BCE.

    Ptolemy Euergetes III 246-221BCE.

    Queen Berenice II 243-222BCE.

    Berenike II 246-221BCE.

    Ptolemy Philopater IV 222-205BCE

    Ptolemy Epiphanes V 205-180BCE.

    Harwennefer 205-199BCE.

    Ankwennefer 199-186BCE.

    Queen Cleopatra I 175-115BCE.

    Ptolemy Philometor VI 170-145BCE.

    Queen Cleopatra II 175-114BCE.

    Ptolemy Euergetes VIII. 170-116BCE.

    Queen Cleopatra III 142-131BCE.

    Harsiese 130BCE.

    Ptolemy IX 116-110BCE.

    Queen Cleopatra IV 116-115BCE.

    Ptolemy X 110-109BCE

    Queen Berenice III 81-80BCE.

    Ptolemy XI 80BCE.

    Ptolemy XII 80-58BCE.

    Cleopatra VI 58-57BCE.

    Queen Berenice IV 58-55BCE.

    Ptolemy XIII 55-51BCE.

    Queen Cleopatra V 79-68BCE.

    Queen Cleopatra VI.

    Queen Cleopatra VII 47-31BCE. (The most famous Cleopatra).

    Reference Used : Metropolitan Museum.



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