Europe's Histories Of The Unexpected.

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    The Human Hand :

    The history of the human hand is all about, time travel, Medieval magic, prehistoric cave paintings, the power of royalty, intimacy and grief. Take hand gesturing for a good example, from the ancient past to the modern day there are many ways of communicating certain feelings with your hands, perhaps the most powerful examples are the humanity of the cave paintings, touching our souls over time immemorial, time travelling to 40,000 years ago. As hand stencils are a common visual of prehistoric art.

    Which signifies that the fingers were somehow significant in ancient communication, recent research suggested that three-quarters  of the surviving Neolithic hand prints from eight cave sites in France & Spain were made by women, identified by the length of their index and ring figures.

    The Royal Power :

    The royal-touch used in Medieval reality and in many folkloric tales, the ceremonial laying-on of the hands of the divinely chosen to cure diseases and skin complaints, the royal-touch that could aid the recovery of wounds inflicted in skirmishes and battles, even Tolkien used these old folktales with Aragon.

    The royal-touch could cure, sometimes referred to as the oxymoron as ‘The King’s Evil’, that was a popular supernatural belief in the quasi-magical power of the Medieval Kings, the earliest mentions of the miraculous healing attributes of the royal-touch occurs as early as the 11th century, with the distribution of the royal coin handed out by the monarch’s inner circle, at rather bias court circle to witness the king’s supernatural powers.

    Elizabeth 1st of England 1533-1603 reputedly laid her hands on more than 1,000 of her subjects, the flamboyant Louis XIV of France 1638-1715 issued coins to 1,700 subjects in his reign, this meant the king had touched the coins but not the individual sufferers of various complaints.

    Reference : Samuel Willis.


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