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    An Earth-based corporation called Gridmar lead the way in mining nearby solar-systems. Gridmar began to acquire various other corps to achieve further ambitions. With the acquisition of Navasys, Gridmar found it’s golden chalice. With the influx of money from the new owner, Navasys completely reinvented interstellar travel navigation. This is when the hub of this enormous wheel moved from Gridmar to Navasys. Navasys then pioneered a new solar system that was rich in resources and lead the way in the mining of this having created vastly more efficient methods. In “claiming” this solar system, Navasys has disturbed the indigenous Drie AD’Nae a (space-faring) race. The Drie AD’Nae prove to be a challenging obstacle in the colonization of what is now called the Navasys solar system… by humans.

    Navasys got its extraordinary wealth and expansive reach from having completely reinvented intergalactic navigation and then revolutionizing asteroid and planetary mining. the next chapter was the discovery of a mineral rich solar system far away, this is the setting for the story. Navasys endeavored to build a “Ringworld” -a man-made terra-formed band around the sun- to use for habitation & manufacturing. The Navasys Multicorp transported hundreds of thousands of people (of more-than-one species of sentients) to mine and exploit this solar system. Every great adventure needs a protagonist though, right? Enter the Drie-A-D’nae, a highly advanced space-faring race that feels that humans have gotten a little too close for comfort.

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      I’ve found the Navasys folder! I will be posting the drawings of the different alien races and spacecraft.

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