Raedwald Wulffinga of East Anglia.

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    Raedwald was the King of the Eastern Angles :

    The King of East Anglia, that include the present day counties of Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire, he was the son of Ty-Tilla, of the Geat dynasty of Wulffinga, however, details of Raedwald’s reign a pretty scarce, primarily because of the Viking invasions of the 9th century destroyed most of the monastic records.

    Raedwald reigned over the Angles from 599-624AD, initially under the over-lordship of Ethelbert of Kent, in 616AD, as a result of the Battle of the River Idle and defeating Ethelfrith of Northumbria, both Raedwald & Ethelbert installed Edwin as the new King of Northumbria.

    During the Battle of the River Idle, all other claims to the throne of Northumbria were killed off in the bloody skirmish, from 616AD, Raedwald was the most powerful of the English Kings, south of the River Humber.

    So Raedwald was bestowed with the title of ‘Bretwalda’, over-king to all the Southern Kingdoms, then Raedwald became the first Angle King to embrace Christianity, this helped to secure Christianity between all the other Angles as the Saxon still adhered to their Germanic paganism.

    This also led to widespread literacy of the monastic Angles, Raedwald, is generally considered by historians to be the most favourable candidate for the occupant of the Sutton Hoo ship burial, although other theories abound about which male Wulffinga was buried here.

    The Kingdom of East Anglia, or in Old English, ‘East Engla Rice’, was a small independent Anglo-Saxon Kingdom that comprised of the modern-day counties of Suffolk, Norfolk & The Cambridgeshire Wetlands.

    Unfortunately there are only a few records left about the Anglo-Saxon History of East Anglia, as the documented monasteries of the East Coast bore the brunt of Viking Raids.

    Reference used : http://www.wikipedia.org.

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      Raedwald :

      Raedwald is the first of the Wulffinga Kings of the Eastern Angles who, strictly speaking, is recognisable to us as historical, out understanding of him and his times is dependent almost entirely on the information provided the monastic monk Bede, ‘The History of The English-Kin’, from this information we can see the Raedwald was King of the Eastern Angles during the first quarter of the 7th century.

      Bede refers to Raedwald on three occasions : (1) In his list of seven English over-lords or high-kings. (2) in his story of the Northumbrian royal saint Edwin, where Raedwald plays a crucial part in advancing Edwin’s cause. (3) In his chapter on the coming of Christianity to the Eastern Angles, where Bede is angry with Raedwald’s temple with two altars, one to Christ and the other devoted to Woden.

      In 597AD, Augustine the missionary landed on the Isle of Thanet on the North-Eastern tip of the Kingdom of Kent, at this time Kent was ruled by Ethelbert, who was the over-lord of all the kingdoms South of the Humber, why did Augustine chose Kent ? By this time Kent was a European mixture of Jutish pagan & Frankish Christians, because Ethelbert married Frankish royalty in Lady Bertha.

      However Ethelbert was a sceptic of this new religion and would not let Augustine set foot on the mainland of Kent, thinking that as he came from Rome, he might practice some magical art and deceive Ethelbert and his followers into following this new Rome, by the knowledge that these spiritual tricks that the new Romans performed had bewitched others. So Ethelbert meet Augustine on the Isle of Thanet.

      Reference use : Sam Newton.

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