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    Mangas Cochise
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    Welcome!  This tavern is under construction, with temporary signage, but if you don’t mind a changing ambiance, welcome here!

    Beverages and foods from around the Americas, with a glimpse towards and from nearby Monte  Alban.


    • Ice Cold Polar Water
    • Sassafras Tea
    • Hot Matte Tea
    • Chicory Coffee
    • Cocoa Cinnamon Blast

    Beverages with a Kick:

    • Pulque
    • Chicha
    • Corn Mash Distillate
    • High Altitude Coca


    • Seal Blubber Stew
    • The Three Sisters Roast:  Maize, Beans, Squash
    • Northeast Clam Bake with Lobster
    • Buffalo Burger
    • Elk Steak
    • Braised Passenger Pigeon
    • Wild Rice and Greens Salad
    • Highbush Blueberry Cornbread, with Maple Syrup Drizzle
    • Roasted Chestnuts
    • Fried or Roasted Cuy
    • Pacific Cheviche
    • Potato and Pepper Bake (Mild or Spicy)



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    Mangas Cochise
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    We’ll be having more food and beverages, and also information about these foods and beverages.   But hey, take a taste and we’ll later tell you that the marvelous cuy may also be known to you as “guinea pig”.

    However, meanwhile, for a short time only, we have Distilled Agave with the Worm, fresh from the appropriate region of Mexico…

    (Mixers for that are for the unadventurous….)


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    Mangas Cochise
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    I’ll be bringing in more beverages in the very near future – no need for anyone to be parched!

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    Eyvisl Yngling
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    Congrats on the new digs! I’m parched & starved. May I order some Corn Mash Distillate & a Three Sisters Roast plate for old times sake?

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      Mangas Cochise
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      Corn Mash Distillate coming up, along with an extra order of the Three Sisters Roast plate.

      Our entertainment tonight is Andean Flute Music.

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    Mangas Cochise
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    Opening to serve.  Okay, we have to get the shingle out, but in the interim, Mangas is very not proudly trying some of the home made Peruvian chicha, and is trying to ignore how it may often be produced.

    Welcome aboard!


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anachronous history forums AMERICAS MESO AMERICA The Zapotec / Mixtec The Zapping Zapotec Bar, Tavern and Grill